About Me

I have been teaching high school for over ten years, travelling the world for fifteen, and writing creatively all of my life. I am both a Canadian and Australian citizen, having spent eight years living and teaching in Melbourne, Australia.

I number of years ago I labelled myself the Poet of Pedagogy. I suppose this means I apply the same rules of constraint and creativity used to structure one of my poems (yes, I actually write poetry!) as I do with innovating my ongoing teaching practice. I think in allegories and metaphors. I believe in the power of language and abhor empty pedagogical rhetoric. I find teaching to be a highly imaginative endeavour. I love the use of new technology in the classroom, but only if it helps teachers improve engagement and achievement. The poet in me provides the necessary critical and aesthetic perspective; ensures I maintain a personal, ethical, and spiritual balance with any classroom innovation. The poet in me also helps to remind to switch off and enjoy the natural world, whenever and wherever I can.

Most recently, I am the co-founder and head curator of a new adolescent Montessori high school in Dundas, Ontario called SiTE (Situated in Transformative Environments). Our mission is to bring dignity to adolescents through purposeful work and meaningful context. I am working on publishing my second book of poetry.


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