The Power of Reflection

It is hard to believe that another year of Cohort 21 has come and gone… well almost as our last F2F meeting is tomorrow. When we get together, I am looking forward to hearing about how participants feel the Cohort 21 experience has impacted their teaching practice as well as influenced their outlook on how we can change the learning environment and experience for our students.  I’ve also enjoyed reading lots of the blog posts written by participants to summarize their action plans.  Yet, by far, my favourite part of the end of Cohort 21 is the conversations that take place around the reflections that participants identify as their ‘take-away’ from this year long PD experience.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from my previous blog posts, I’ve been engaged in how to foster the skill of meaningful reflection with my students. The power of reflection as a component of the growth process does not change based on your age… perhaps it even increases as age brings wisdom? (That’s open to debate).  I am sure that the final session will empower this year’s participants to continue to engage with this network of educators who are rethinking learning for the 21st century.  Together, our reflection and continued collaboration will help us to reshape the learning environment for students today and in the future.

Here is my summary and reflection on how this year’s Cohort 21 experience has influenced my outlook on teaching as well as my practice in the classroom. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


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