‘Twas the Day Before Winter Break

‘Twas the day before winter break, when all through the college
Not a test was assigned, not even for knowledge;


The assessments were edited by students with care,
In hopes that the break would soon be there;

The housemasters were nestled up top in their studies;
While visions of empty houses they dreamed with their buddies;

And the Chaplin in his sweater, and I in my vest,
Had begun to settle our brains for a long winter’s rest;

When inside the classroom there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my office to see what was the matter;

When what to my teacher’s eye did appear,
But a row of punctual learners and another who had been late all year;

More rapid than weekends with their queries did they exclaim,
As students whistled, and shouted, when I called them by name;

“Yes, Archer? Yes, Amber? Yes Parker and Lauren?
Hold on, Charlotte! Sit down, Mohammad! Be patient Esther and Warren!”

In front of the board, to the back of the class, I moved all about,
Until their questions were answered, none left in doubt;

As the day neared its end a group of papers had flung,
Out of a student’s bag from around her shoulder it strung;

Thereafter their eyes made a shift to the clock,
Soon the bell would ring, to the door they would flock;

And rising from my desk I finally made the call,
by giving a nod, I allowed the students to flood the hall;

They sprang from their seats, from their desks they scurried,
And away they all flew, out the doors they hurried;

Then the Headmaster said, ere the students drove out of sight:
“Enjoy the winter break to all, and to all a safe flight.”

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