The cohort21 experience was amazing today. I am always blown away by the experiences and expertise of the people in the room.  There are people there who have done some AMAZING things and everyone is so excited to share their knowledge to help others, but in a really genuine way (read: not in a bragging way).

As I sit in the airport, I’m sort of struck by how the people here are like teachers at school. Everyone is busy, everyone has a destination in mind, there are timelines and sometimes time crunches. Sometimes you have time to eat, sometimes you eat on the run. Occasionally you have time to go to the bathroom and everyone is carrying around way too many bags.

As we look to build our action plans in the next week – don’t be afraid to sit on the airport floor by the nearest charger and just watch.  What the people, their struggles, their successes and ask yourself: What are the issues you see arising? What are the current solutions? Is this something in your sphere of influence? Is there someone in your school working on this issue? Is there someone in #cohort21 alum directory who has looked at this issue?

Once you think you have a handle on what you see, ask! People love to tell their stories, ask them and listen.


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