Conspiracy or Fact: To Google and Beyond!

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Credit: Doug Chayka

Education’s future is with Google.

Free education-based software offered internationally to schools that supports curriculum from K-12. Google is now building skill building lessons that you can launch from Google Classroom or by using a free code online. Applied Digital Skills: practical digital skills using free project-based video curriculum.

Framework for future development:

Future high school graduates will encounter Microsoft products when they get to their first job, and then they will change the platform by showing their employer how collaborative and efficient they can be using Google. The technology will shift to Apple computers with Google software. This new workforce will eliminate jobs through workflow process, and walls by way of digital working environments, saving their employers money on maintaining property. Meaning the next generation of children will have more physical quality time with family, shifting the value of education to modules online. Play time, physical education, art, music and drama will move to the forefront of “schools” as they offer content that can not be taught by virtual reality.

How long do we have?

This is 5-10 years away and that’s all the time we have to make a difference, to change the meaning of the word “school.” #creativitymatters #growthmindset #mindfulness #wellness #nextlevel


What do you think is next for education?

HMW change the pathway of learning to lead all students on their own learning journey?

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy or Fact: To Google and Beyond!

  1. Hey Lisa,

    An interesting post and an interesting conversation starter:

    Do you think there is any truth to the rumours that Google is collecting data on students using GAFE? On the one hand I think that it makes sense that they would, on the other hand we should be raising and educating children such that they will be impervious to tailored ads even if it all turns out to be true. Do you think there will come a day when younger generations flat out refuse to SSO with a monopoly platform like Google?

    Your HMW is practically triggering. There are so many ways we could support this, with methods for growing and encouraging intrinsic motivation being at the front of my mind. As a teacher who recently had to teach more than one high school student how to insert a hyperlink into a Google Sheet I shudder to think just how much more we could be doing if we had more time and less SEs from our subjects. Have you taken a look at the ISTE standards?

    Thanks for making me ponder!

  2. I love the idea that future generations will have more quality time with their family, though I do wonder if that will actually be the case. All of the efficiencies that technology has afforded us over the last century have not really served to give us more free time but to have us do more with the same amount of time. How might we ensure that increased efficiency through technology will actually have positive impact on quality of life??

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