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It’s wonderfully exciting to begin something new that allows you to explore creativity, technology, and pedagogy within a supportive community. @Cohort21

As a part of my action plan this year, I have explored the idea of a “cohort” like sharespace online. One of my professional goals is to create a collaborative website directory to allow teachers to share their technology resources, uses, successes and most importantly to celebrate the F.A.I.L.S. (First Attempts In Learning).

“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.”

John Dewey

I know these directories already exist, but it’s more about connecting the person to the application. How do you use tech./apps in a practical way and why would you recommend it?

Please feel free to share!


4 Responses to “New Blog, New Post, New Mindset…”

  1. Jen

    Welcome, Lisa! It was so great to meet you today, and good for you getting your first blog post online already! I can’t wait to be a part of your learning journey with Cohort 21 this year!

    I have often thought about a similar project as yours – getting the “right” (level-appropriate, responding to a particular need) resources for the teachers I work with in a place that is accessible to them. After today’s carousel, I am thinking more and more about G+ being a good place to start. I wanted to make website, but put it off because of the amount of work involved. I feel like with G+ I can just start it, create a few tags to organize the information, and begin adding resources. The challenge, of course, will be getting teachers to join and check there… but that would be a challenge for me no matter which platform I use! 🙂


  2. Justin Medved

    I think you have come to the right place to help take your “collaborative website directory” to a whole new level. A perfect place to apply some “Design Thinking” 🙂

    How might we………

  3. Garth

    I agree with Justin’s comment, that constructing an effective How Might We… is the place to start. I am happy to share what it happening both formally and informally at Havergal with you. Hangout sometime?

    Thanks for bringing your enthusiasm and expertise to the Cohort!

  4. Derek Doucet

    Hi Lisa,
    I like your idea and agree with @jmedved & @gnichols on this. We’re all happy to share what we do and to learn from one another. I’m curious to know who your audience is? Is it global or more of a CISOntario Teachers type of thing?

    Thanks for bringing your energy and enthusiasm, looking forward to seeing what comes out of your action plan as we move through the design thinking process.

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