Times Flies When You’re Being Lazy

I am happy to admit that I have done nothing. Ok ... maybe not happy, but I'm honest. The truth is that I've been dealing with S.A.D. and all the gray skies have had a huge impact on my ability to be proactive. So much so that doing anything above and beyond the necessary actions to keep my classes on track, (and to not lose my job) seemed like all I could do. Don't get me wrong the normal day-to-day was very full  and busy and flew by. However, I knew I needed to do more, prep more, create more and be proactive but I just could not find the energy to those little extras.
Over the break I decided to give myself permission to not do anything beyond recharging. Sometimes we have to stop beating ourselves up on what we're not able to accomplish, and pat ourselves on the back for what we could do. So, yes I was super lazy over the break. I did not lesson plan or mark papers. I did not do any Cohort 21 work. I did not check email. I did not think about school or work or PD. I did none of those things, not until Sunday January 6th, and then I decided I was ready to jump back in. I'm still dealing with my mental health as S.A.D. does not go away, but I am putting extra supports in place to try and get to those extras. I'm also still giving myself permission to not be ok on days when I'm not, and do what I have to do to take care of me so I can take care of my students.

I have a little catching up to do before our next F-2-F but I'll do it, and I'm even if I can't that's ok too!


7 thoughts on “Times Flies When You’re Being Lazy

  1. Hi @lbelanger,

    I think recharging is the best thing to do when we have breaks. That's why they are called "breaks". I think your honesty and vulnerability in this post is fantastic. Wish more people were open like this.

    Good luck with this term and see you at the F2F session on Jan 18.

    ps. love your image - totally perfect!

  2. There is this great quote by Audre Lorde - “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

    I believe that taking time to recharge your batteries IS work towards your goals. Recognizing that you need rest and time to become your best self is a sign of strength, not weakness. I'm so glad to hear you gave yourself permission to just stop for a bit. See you in a few weeks! Jenn

  3. Thanks for this refreshingly honest post @lbelanger. We have a policy at our school that we can't assign homework or projects over the break because it's supposed to be just that - a break! So I like to take that as permission to do the same as a teacher!
    Thank you for being so open and vulnerable with your struggles with SAD.

  4. As many have said before, thanks for your honesty. It's important to recharge. Someone once told me it isn't being lazy, it's taking time for yourself over others. We spend so much of our energy on our students (directly or in preparation for them). Enjoy the time and whatever comes of F2F #3.

  5. Garth Nichols

    As we always say, every Cohort 21 journey is unique to each participant. Thanks for telling us about where yours is at, thanks for showing g us what practicing self-compassion looks like, and I look forward to seeing more when you're ready!

  6. I completely agree with the others who have commented here about the refreshing honesty of your post, Lisa, but I also commend your bravery for posting it! Looking forward to chatting on Friday.

  7. @lbelanger This community is all about support and meeting each teacher where they are at. Feel great about your holiday recharge. It is what you needed. Friday will be more of the same. A chance to recharge and be surrounded by colleagues who are there to support you. See you Friday!


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