Giving feedback from the cottage.

Have you ever gone away for the weekend and realized you owed some feedback to a student while you were gone? I am talking about the type of feedback that has to happen before Monday and not by 11 pm on Sunday night either. This just happened to me and thankfully the student submitted his work vial email as a PDF. I was able to take screenshots and upload two .png files to a technology tool that I have used a few times: A Web Whiteboard.

I was able to mark up the submitted work, download a .png file (image, below) of the work and email it back to the student to support his learning in organic chemistry. In theory I should have been able to share a collaborative board with him, but maybe due to connectivity issues it did not work that way this time.

In the past I have used this web-based tool as a means to promote the creation of  collaborative diagrams of the matter cycles. After each group collaboratively sketched the cycle for carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus I downloaded their work as a .png file for use as backgrounds in a class Google slide deck for other groups to add their knowledge, comments, or corrections to any cycle upon which they did not originally work.

If you haven’t yet used the AWW App you should give it a try. It’s easy to use and very versatile. Thanks for reading!


P.S. Since I know @timrollwagen and @adamcaplan are interested, here is a picture of the current conditions at the cottage. So much snow! That little dot on the lake is my husband!

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