Well, lovely humans, our time at Cohort 21, season 11, has drawn to a close. It’s been almost a week since our final face-to-face and, although I’ve been sick, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I experienced this year in this powerful community. As daunting as starting this journey seemed when we first embarked […]

How might we…

Today has included many conversations, a lot of brain power, some passion and perseverance, and finally, a revised “How might we” question.   So, how might we help Grade 11 students understand, recognize, and build grit through compassion and self-efficacy?   I have so many thoughts, ideas, opinions, and energy for change…right now. So we’ll […]

Reflections on An Action Plan

Hello Lovely Humans! We may be deep into January, but we’re early in the second half of the school year, and I’m definitely fresh into my action plan…which is more of an action concept/idea than anything else. Over the Christmas holidays and the beginning of January, I spent time reflecting on how my grade 11s […]