Being Relentless….

One of my big take-aways from this year’s Cohort 21 experience is the overall momentum and capacity for shifting our practice that was generated within the members this year. When Justin and I first began this journey, we had talked about how important it was to us, personally, that we pursue excellence in our classrooms […]

Where is the Research?

After a long February and very well deserved March Break for all of us at Cohort 21, I have been thinking about some of the great posts that I’ve been reading. In particular, Jesse Denison, Celeste Kirsh, Derek Doucet, Jen Bibby and Ruth McArthur; they have published some thoughtful reflections, but also reflections that have […]

Location Location Location…

I just got the Google Calendar invite to attend the first Face2Face session for Cohort 21, and it got me thinking about the value of location to this experience. Physical location for our first meeting is at the Upper School of  The York School. Just to be able to see the many other teachers from the […]


This is the first of many blog postings that will explore and reflect on the great work that my peers in Cohort 21 are doing. We’ve been trying to send the message of why this experience is so different from past professional development opportunities (HERE), and how this will benefit schools who send teachers – […]