Falling down…

IMG_2906When I asked my 5 year old son what he wanted to do over the summer, he said that he wanted to learn to play hockey. I’m not a hockey player, never played, and (what with the state of the Leafs these days!) don’t really watch it at all.

So this past week, my son Spencer, ┬áhas been taking to the ice for an hour and a half each day. I dress him in his full equipment, and grab a hot drink and watch him and cheer him on. He falls as he gets on the ice, and he gets up. He tries to take a shot on goal, and he falls – then he gets back up. When learning to skate backwards, he goes forward, falls, and then gets back up. You get the picture.

But every day, when I ask “How excited are you for hockey?” he replies with something adorable like “To all my toys and back again!”

May we all find such joy in learning, such gladness in challenge, and perseverance when we fall. This is really a learning experience for both of us!

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