Did you join Cohort 21 for this?

To keep doing what you’re doing?
To keep using your hunches and experience as truth?
To keep teaching students the same today as you did years ago?
Did you join Cohort 21 for this?

Probably not. But maybe… So think about this. And to help you reflect on this, here are some prompts:

(1) From Leading Learning:

This is a great blog that asks great questions about education, and what it means to be an educator in today’s changing landscape. Here is why we all need to continue to learn:

2) From the same blog, here are some great thoughts on the role that assessment and learning play in learning, and how to press these levers to deeper learning

3) From Thomas Guskey’s website┬ácomes this prompt about how we focus our work on professional development in relation to student learning development: that we would never ask our students to work as we work

3) From Katie Martin’s website, professional practice for educators is best situated around 10 key characteristics:

So, if you didn’t join Cohort 21 for more of the same, what did you join Cohort 21 for?

I hope it is to deepen yourself as a lifelong learner and professional educator!
I hope it is to plug yourself into a learning network to inspire you when you need it!

3 thoughts on “Did you join Cohort 21 for this?

  1. For all those other people that need to google what SMH stands for, “Shake My Head.” Something you will do more often going in a north-south motion as we venture forward on our quest for professional growth.

  2. It is so fascinating to me that the learning stops when a student receives a grade. I have far too often used marks as an incentive for kids to learn and practice the material. I am now rethinking how I might change this and create tasks for them that provides a lot of feedback but not an actual grade. Thank you for the inspiration, Garth.

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