Hello Cohort 21 Team (first time blogger here),

As many Cohorters have been navigating their inspiration and direction through the protocols, I came into this focused and fired up to get started on my idea.   I’ve jumped right into my project; I’m living the program dream.  My heart rate program has come after a year of waiting for funding and equipment and this C21 experience is helping me deliver it in the best way possible.

“How might we increase effort and engagement using heart rate data driven analysis”

This year I’ve implemented a heart rate (HR) monitor program in my grade 9 PHE classes.  The students receive an email displaying their participation/effort as it pertains to their HR after each class. I’ve been asking students to record reflection videos answering questions targeting their perceived vs actual effort and goal setting.

Where I’m hoping to take this program is to create a fully transparent HR program with my class with their HR data being projected onto the gym wall or broadcast to a monitor for all to see.  I think that this would create and informed and competitive environment for students to push themselves and be conscious of their different fitness levels as it pertains to their HR.

Here are a few of the highlights so far!  Students have brought creativity, effective research, honest reflection and positive goal setting into their reflections.  I’m building out the 2nd round of Q&A now and am excited to see where it takes me!


Gym Reflection – Student 1 Student 2 Reflection Student 3 – HR reflection Student 5 – HR Reflection Student 4 – Reflection

Workin It


4 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing the student voices! If we look at the design thinking process, where are you in this process now that it’s launched?

    Out of curiousity, I wonder if you could bring this work (eventually) into self-practice is other realms on the school. For example, heart rate before/during and after exams, and subsequently how to slow down heart rates in these situations… Just a thought!

  2. I love that you added in some student feedback in your reflection! The HR program and your long term goals with display sound like a really creative way to bring targeted and immediate feedback in Physical Education classes as well as give you transparency into which students may be struggling and how you can best help them. Can’t wait to hear what round 2 Q & A brings!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging, Cameron! It sounds as though all is going really well with the implementation of your HR programme. It might feel great to finally be able to get gong with it and this student’s reflection provides a lot of detail that someone else could use to build their own programme. Nice start! I am curious to know what challenges you have faced with your implementation and how you have overcome them or what you are trying to figure out now. I look forward to connecting again on Friday.

  4. @ceby Living the dream!!
    Thanks for including some student work. This is really coming along. I am so interested to hear from your students at the end of the year. What students found this to be motivational and why?

    Looping in our PHE cohort members.
    @mverbeek @bhayes @fsawyer @kzelinsky – Check out what Cam is doing. Use the 3rd F2F to touch base and push his thinking forward.

    See you Friday!

    @nblair @mmoore @mbrims @ljensen – check this student video out!

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