Why is Blogging so Valuable?

Welcome all to Season 5 of Cohblogging-smbort21!
As of right now, many newcomers to Cohort21 might not know the first thing about blogging, and you know what- neither did I; that is of course until I joined Cohort21 and spent part of my first F2F being introduced and “forced” into blogging. Yes, I said forced and you will be too!  It is more like strong encouragement, and you know what, I would take it! When I look back to that first F2F, I can actually see how far I have come.  I can point out the changes that I have made to my teaching practises and the value social media now plays in my life and professional growth and development.

During the Blogging Session, I felt overwhelmed by how much Cohort21 Alum had contributed to their blogs and I kept thinking to myself… I want that, and where do they find the time, and ugh just another thing to add to my list of To Do’s. And you know what, a lot of those feelings are real and most importantly are OKAY! By the end of the first F2F session, you may know exactly what blogging is, why you want to use it, what you will use it for and where you will fit it into your busy lives. But for others, it might be an on-going struggle and again- that is OKAY!

I am not sitting here, trying to scare you or trying to force you into becoming a blogger, but what I am doing and hope that you will see by the end of this post, is the value of blogging.  I am a person that works well with lists and bullet points so that is what I will do… in a list format, I will try to help you see the value in blogging from my perspective which again, is not something you necessarily will end up believing or perhaps will have a different perspective on it, and you know what-say it with me now… it’s OKAY!

Here goes nothing!

The Value of Blogging

1. Blogging is a way to make your thinking visible.
When I say this, I mean that it is a place where you can “talk” about your learning, your struggles, your accomplishments and go back to see how far you have come, what your personal growths have been. It is also a place where you can go to see the thinking of your social network members.
2. Blogging opens up new conversations and new learning.
By creating a blog post or reading another persons blog post, it opens up the opportunity for conversations! I know we all have the hopes of being and becoming an expert at everything but in actuality, it is next to impossible. By sharing out on a public space, you open up the opportunity to talk to someone, connect with someone who you want to learn from.
3. There is no time limit on Blogging
Yes, blogging works best when you post authentically- meaning, you try something new, learn something that is mind blowing, make a connection and soon after, you reflect on it and share it in a blog post with your community of like minded learners. But sometimes, you have to be in the right head-space to sit down and open up to the world- and we get it. Blogging should not be rushed (in my opinion). Setting goals is a good way to keep yourself on top of things but sometimes that is not authentic in itself.
4. Blogging is cathartic
Yes, I said it… I like blogging because it is cathartic in some ways. Remember, back in the day when you used to keep a diary? Well blogging is similar to a diary, it is way to express your thoughts, learning, challenges, successes but wait, here is the twist- People can comment on your “diary” and support you, offer advice, challenge  you and lift you up when you are down! Whose diary ever did that for them?! Mine sure as heck didn’t!
5. Blogging makes you vulnerable
With the cathartic element, comes the vulnerable element which for some is more frightening. But being vulnerable is not necessarily a bad thing, just an uncertain or uncomfortable feeling for some. I say, be vulnerable, put yourself out there for the world to see. If you are going to do it somewhere, Cohort21 is the place to start. With a community of the most supportive, knowledgeable, warm-hearted, “been there done that” people, start here, start today, start blogging!

Boom…mic drop!

See you all Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Why is Blogging so Valuable?

  1. What a great start to the 2016-2016 blogging season, Vanessa! Thank you for sharing. I can certainly enthusiastically second all of the points you made from my own experience.

    What I would add: sometimes the pressure to blog (like when you have a deadline of a F2F coming up!) forces you to take time to reflect, even when you think you don’t have anything to say or you think you don’t have time. Making the time to blog even when I thought I couldn’t fit in one more thing to my week helped me to prioritize reflection and really put some value on my own professional development.

    Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

  2. Wow! Well said Jen! That is definitely a point that should be added to the list and one that I think the new comers will empathize with once Cohort21 starts to unfold. Thank you!

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