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As you can see I am waiting for the absolute last moment to put my thoughts down for you to see.  I am not sure why I struggle after experiencing a warm reception at our first C21 Face to Face.  The issue I think I am having is that I have a wealth of information in front of me but I am not using it effectively.  Not sure if I am afraid or just not sure how to use it effectively.

What I am talking about is this piece of Technology in front of me - "My Computer". 💻

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Yes although I am a Business Teacher and Business Technology is one of my courses, am I really using the computers effectively in my classroom, or am I just trying to get the curriculum checked off?


I now bring this thought to my classroom and start to address it with my students and colleagues to help me understand if this piece of equipment is a benefit or obstacle to my teaching and getting my students to use it effectively to enhance their education.

  • Not Engaged in their Learning because of the Technology DISTRACTION
  • Afraid to take the Initiative/Risks in their learning because of Technology
  • Having a Positive Mindset when it comes to Technology.

Funny how my son was taking a University Course that he dropped before he even opened the book.  Is this a coincidence that I now find myself thinking does Technology really make this generation the "Dumbest" because they have a wealth of knowledge in front of them, but yet to use it to their benefit?   I guess that I have to now find the time to read the book.

by: Mark Bauerlein


So I have decided to go right to the source and address a couple of questions to my student's and colleagues to see if  I would get the answers that I am looking for.  Not sure what the answers are but I am sure that my little student's will help me out as I am always open to learning from them.  Unfortunately I did not have time to ask my colleagues, so I have to make a note of that for next time. @egelleny @lbettencourt @psenior @smastromonaco @aforti @achuter

  1. How can we make technology use in the classroom more effective for student's rather than a distraction?
  2. How can we make technology in the classroom more of a positive learning experience for all, student's and teachers.
  3. What and how do you want to learn or get out of the use of technology in the classroom?

Step 3

So far after speaking with a few students I have come to realize:

  1. Kids want to learn, but they want to have fun while learning.
  2. Kids do better when they are doing hands on lessons getting to experiment with the task (technology application) by doing.
  3. Applications that bring out challenges and competition works at making learning fun (for some)

So I was told that in my BTT class, one application they love was learning how to type with the program "All The Right Type".

My Business class is excited to be using Spreadsheets and Monopoly to learn the Transactions, Balance Sheet and Income Statement, while playing Monopoly with their friends, during my class.

This is just the beginning, and I have to still do my research on what is truly the Best way to Integrate Technology in my classroom which will give all students the ownership to use if productively in any class setting.