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29. “How might we” with Les McBeth

Have you ever noticed that I start each episode with a question that begins with “How Might We”? Okay, so that...

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28. Truth and Reconcili-action with Dr. Angela Nardozi

How might educators overcome our own typically non-existent Indigenous education as young people to teach about first-peoples in a way that...

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27. Teachers who run (a mini-series) with May Lu

How might teachers find that sweet spot between intensity and ease in their own lives, as well as how we program...

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26. Deskless French learning with Richard Smith

How could getting rid of the desks in your classroom, promote deep learning for your students? Today we have Richard Smith...

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25. Growing up trans with Kai Cheng Thom

How might schools support trans students to ensure that all young people can reach their fullest potential? Today Kai Cheng Thom...

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24. Teachers who run (a mini-series) with Tim Somerville

Welcome to the second episode in the teachers who run mini-series. Today I talk to Tim Somerville about  the many surprising...

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S1: Featured Guests

Season One has welcomed several incredible voices to our podcast. Get excited for the upcoming episodes with these transformative thinkers in the edu-sphere.


Patti MacDonald

CAIS Executive Director

Rosetta Lee

Seattle Girls School Diversity Outreach Specialist
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Dr. Kathleen Gallagher

Drama and Education Researcher