4 thoughts on “Welcome to Cohort 21

  1. @swelbourn Sam – I am looking forward to connecting this weekend for our 2nd face to face session. If you get a chance before then please share the findings from your “homework” so we may get a sense of where your “urgency” lies. This may or may not be where you choose to spend your action plan time but it is a way to surface some of your immediate challenges and focus your thinking.

    See you soon!


  2. @jmedved -Thanks, Justin! I am really looking forward to connecting at the F2F session too! I have SOOO many thoughts and am trying to connect the dots between my research, reading and my own experiences. Trying to construct the “ah-ha” moment….. I promise to get something down before Sat…. working on it now. Thanks again & see you soon!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Don’t worry so much about having all the ideas completed or having a detailed description of where your urgency lies. At this point, it is worth putting down so we can begin this journey together. I look forward to reading where your reading and research has brought you. See you Saturday!|


  3. Sam – I love the saying from your parents. It reminds me of a couple my parents had: “You sign up you show up” and “Just walk in like you own the place.” Which I took to mean show up, work hard, be confident. I think that you are doing all of those things, so you’re on the right track! Looking forward to reconnecting in January.

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