Action Plan: Experimenting with multiple tools

Action Plan Research Goals:
• What changes occur when new technology is introduced to the classroom within project based learning?
• What happens when multiple technologies are synthesized during the PBL process?
• What changes can be identified in teacher practice? In student practice/learning?
• What can a reflective process teach?

Student Focus:
• Students will use a cloud-based application to compose their own rhythmic variation of a popular tune.
• Once composed, students will use their variation as the basis of their own GarageBand composition project.
• Students should consider their audience – for whom are they composing for? For what purpose can this new music be used?
• Students will present their original compositions to the class and school community.

Teacher Focus:

• Document the learning process from a teacher perspective
• Record observations, student wonderings/reactions throughout the PBL process

Reflect on experience and share with colleagues.

4 thoughts on “Action Plan: Experimenting with multiple tools

  1. Hey Matina,

    Great to read some of your initial thoughts here. What “tools” do you have in mind to help you achieve your goals posted?

    Looking forward to reading more as your plan moves forward!


  2. Hey there,
    What a cool idea to leverage technology with music and share. Have you seen this YouTube: It’s entitled “Playing for Change”. It might add more inspiration to your great idea.

    I strongly encourage you to check out the TPACK model as well. It asks some great questions about why the technology, and why this approach.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

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