Holiday Enhancements

Busy teachers know that time to be creative and enhance student experience can be hard to come by. 2019-20 holidays provided the time needed for me to code student enhancement request to my side-hustle - a gamified learning management system.

Admin (teacher) enhancements:

  1. set # of students on leaderboard
  2. set name of miscellaneous achievments (formerly quiz area - I call mine Quest XP )
  3. set whether students can comment on lessons and teacher comments
  4. archive student data and reset the points system to start a new game

Student enhancements:

  1. recent activity feed
  2. upgraded user interface

Early returns indicate that my 90 students are excited by the changes and ready to start a new game.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Enhancements

  1. Justin Medved

    @mhoel I am really loving watching this develop and that you will also be able to showcase this to the wider CIS Ontario community at the upcoming Connects Conference.
    Let's use the 3rd F2F as a way to get you some more demo users.
    @tfaucher @ashaikh @ahughes @wdarby can can you connect with other Action Plans that might benefit from your solution. @gnichols and I would also like to get it into each of our schools.

  2. mark

    Hi Justin,

    Sounds amazing! I need to be around more big thinkers like you 🙂 Absolutely would love to talk about with whomever will listen.

    Thanks so much for the feedback.


  3. Hey @mhoel,

    I absolutely love the idea of this. Having said that, I'm going to be a bit of a thorn in your side and say that I've unsuccessfully tried twice now to get something on your platform regarding my classes and found it... difficult to navigate. I don't quite yet see how it is very different from Google Classroom other than you've ranked students according to a predetermined ability or skill. I'm assuming that this is the "gamification" aspect.

    I'm curious as to how this has been perceived by everyone in your classes. Some massive potential here, and of course I'm in awe of your ability to code anything. Do you have a target grade that might benefit most from this digital gamification approach?


    1. Post author

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for taking the time to try gameof5. I'm sorry you find it difficult to navigate. I'm not a UI or UX designer by any stretch of the imagination and have used Google's Material Design and online standards as much as possible. I would be interested to get some pointers on how we might make it better. In terms of the use of gameof5, it is a way for me to keep track of my students formative achievements as well as present and store my lessons in a semi-structured database. Badges and gamification came later and I am just figuring this area of study as I go 🙂

      Anyway, thanks again. Maybe we will meet at Cohort21.


  4. Tracy Faucher

    Mark! (@mhoel)

    I love watching the progress. The attitude that you are modelling for your students, riffing off ideas, learning the skills you know you need to achieve your goal, beinging willing to make mistakes and interate ----- this is EXACTLY where we want the students in our class to be with their own mindset. It is awesome that they are getting to see your journey with this porject as well as they work through your updates.

    Awesome job!
    See you Friday!



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