My best learning experience

Hi, I've been teaching for 20+ years. I love it. My first day I puked I was so scared 🙂

Learning is a life-long process that comes from solving problems, taking risks and being excited by new things. Sometimes it can take courage. Doing the same comfortable thing over and over is the opposite of learning.

Other than being an INTERESTED person, the greatest skill you can have to support your learning, and personal improvement is problem solving.

My best learning experience was figuring out (after countless hours of trial and error) that I could program computers.

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5 thoughts on “My best learning experience

  1. Hey @mhoel,

    I love your profile pic - looks just like you 🙂 . Before Saturday, jump into this blog and let others know a bit more about you. Looking forward to learning with and from again my friend,

    1. Post author

      Looking forward to catching up! Are you still dressing up like Abe Lincoln? You inspired me to dress up like a Mexican wrestler once.

  2. "Doing the same comfortable thing over and over is the opposite of learning." In fact, I belive this is part of the definition of insanity!

    I could not agree with you more- one of things I love about teaching is we are in a profession that truly asks us to change and do things differently. Each class, ewach kid, each year requires something different from us to bring out the best. Idf we never change, we ae missing out on so much.

    Welcome to season 8 and I look forward to learning with you this year!


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