Project-Based Enrichment

HMW provide engaging enrichment opportunities for students through project-based learning?

During the 2nd F2F session, my HMW included technology integrated into the enrichment process, but was asked the simple question, why? To be honest, I wasn’t sure, and a good point was made, so thank you to whoever sticky noted that!   

So far, my action plan has included me educating myself more on project-based learning with the book, Catch a Fire, surveying student interests again and presenting project ideas with students. Since they do enjoy collaborating, they have chosen to work on a project together to create a ski resort. At first, I was a little underwhelmed by this, but already I have seen the benefits of collaboration evolve. The project is in its first stages and focuses a lot on the mathematical side of starting up a resort with purchasing items and collecting data. This does align nicely with our curriculum, and the students are excited and eager to spend time working on it. This enrichment is more pre-planned, based on the directions and is more of an assignment- based project, not so much project-based. I would like to have a more open-ended and inquiry-based approach with real-world issues. I need to dig a little deeper into my book, but for now, the kids are engaged and happy, so I will take it.

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  1. @ltrought I think PBL is a great vehicle for your Action Plan.
    A few years ago most of the season 5 & 6 AP's were full questions looking at it
    Check out -
    I find there are lots of different approaches to PBL and finding a framework that jives with the way you think is part of the process. Connect with @lmitchell as HSC runs a yearly Buck Institute and can point you in some great directions. Also check out -

    Your team of @gvogt @lmustard @swelbourn @jgravel might have a few more


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