Understanding your physical literacy journey

As I work read through feedback and continue to develop my how might we question, this quote really hit home. I was having a conversation with my Grade 7 girls PE class the other week and at the end of the conversation I realize that I can only be one part of their equation to being physically literate. I can help them develop their ability, confidence, and competence, but they must have the desire and drive to be physically literate. Students need to have an understanding of their physical literacy and they need to be able to self assess and reflect on their journey. After a lot of thinking and re wording I have come up with what I think will be my how might we question:

How Might We....engage students in owning their understanding and development of their physical literacy journey?

Part of having our students own their journey is having the support from their families. Educating their parents on the importance of physical literacy is just as important. @MVerbeek and I recently wrote a white paper to go out to our community to help educate our parents on physically literacy and making movement matter. Our hope is that with an increase in student awareness of the benefits of understanding and owning their physically literacy journey we will also have an increase support from parents. 



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  1. Wow - what a fantastic resource for parents and the community. Physical Literacy is so important and helping kids to understand their own role in the journey to an active life.


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