Sharing my learning this year!

Here is a link to a quick screen recording demonstrating my goal for this year, what I learned in the process, and my big take-away!

This is a link to the Research document mentioned in the short video about what other schools / facilities are doing around the globe to promote inclusivity and diversity.

I have also attached a document that outlines the posters I will be printing and laminating for my classrooms.

I would love to have a chat with anyone else who had similar goals, or anyone with any particular feedback!

4 thoughts on “Sharing my learning this year!

  1. Holly Jepson

    Jenna, loved your video reflections! Look like you and your team have put a significant amount of time and consideration into making the physical spaces more inclusive.

    Something that resonated with me was in your final reflection you mentioned the fact that we care means we are moving in the right direction. Caring and trying new things, having conversations these are the little steps that will lead to great change over time.

  2. Hi @jfroggett, great final walk through and reflections on your goal this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing your updates on what items Ashbury can work in immediately vs. the next 5 years--love that you look to what can be done immediately as well as into the future!

    Tagging others here so they get a chance to take in all the great work you've done in such a challenging year! @mmoore @tfaucher @acampbellrogers @jgravel

  3. Wow! - The triple PD of Cohort 21 / PQP and Pluralism committee is / was an ambitious learning menu for even a regular year. Throw a pandemic into the mix and I am even more imprerssed. "Creating an inclusive classroom" is something I think all teachers try and do naturally but as you mention in your video needs to done intentionally with the different stakeholders / lenses / perspectives at the design table. Your video is a great resource that I am going to share with our committee members.


    @acampbellrogers @tfaucher @mmoore @hjepson @elee @jgravel


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