Cohort 21 F2F Oct. 20th

Well, it’s almost lunch, and we’ve already accomplished so much (just check my Twitter Feed!). I’ve gotten to know a lot about the people that I’ll be learning with throughout the rest of this year.

I’m sensing that there is a little bit of Vygotsky’s ZPD anxiety around blogging, what it is and how to best leverage it for each individual. In this way, we are really reflecting on what the 21st century classroom looks like and feels like. We need to be open to immediate feedback (like we’ve been doing with understoodit), questions and we’ve been there to help. Like all good classes, we’ve established an agenda, and then really been at the sides of elbows, we’ve been asking others to help and learn from each other.I’m excited to model adaptive release in personalizing the twitter workshop this afternoon. 

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