Standing Still in the Galapagos

This past winter holiday, my family took the trip of a lifetime. We travelled to Quito, Ecuador and from there on to the Galapagos Islands of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. This is a bucket-list excursion, and we jumped at the opportunity when the stars aligned to make this possible. What I didn’t expect was […]

A Time to Reflect

Having just read @jgravel‘s post on integrating reflection into her practice, I’ve been inspired to examine my own use of reflection in my sphere of influence. One area that I am responsible for is experiential learning. One of the key parts of really good experiential learning is the reflecting on experiences. This is captured in […]

Where There Be Dragons

Where There Be Dragons can be considered the Gold Standard of experiential education. I travelled with three other colleagues to their “Rocky Mountain Seminar” to learn more about how we might begin to lean into risk and how we might deepen our ability to learn service before giving service. Nestled into the foothills of Boulder Colorado, it […]