Quest for Positivism

HMW question: first step

The process that I went through to generate my HMW question took me in a more focused direction from where I started.  My starting point had me thinking mainly of mindfulness and its role in our classrooms. I realize that my main concern, or focus point, if you will,  is in the wellbeing of students. Whether it is through mindfulness practice or any of many techniques or focused methods, the main goal is wellbeing.  This placed me in the position to ask the question: How might we make each day more meaningful for students through programming in order to enrich students’ lives and generate positivism? If we can generate positivism on a daily basis during these difficult times, we are making the wellbeing of our students our main priority.  Wellbeing, at any time, is imperative to learning; therefore, positivism and its ripple effects in the classroom, whether online or in person, is a primary concern, especially now.

HWM question: second step

The inquiry that I am working on has me communicating with other teachers of grade five. I plan to also consult with administration and parents.  I have started compiling questions for a simple questionnaire that I plan to share with grade five parents at my school, TMS. This is not as simple as I had first anticipated. Coming up with questions for parents concerning their perspective and understanding of their child’s needs regarding wellbeing has been, at times, daunting.  After discussing this with my colleagues, I realize that I need to narrow down my expectations in regards to the composition of the questions and to minimize wordage.

HWM question: third step

Why am I engaging in this line of action and inquiry? I suppose I am taking this action to do two things. Firstly, I’d like to get a feel of where parents feel their children are on the well being scale.  Secondly, I’d like to gather new and possibly stimulating ways to enhance wellbeing of our students. The unmet need at this point in my inquiry, is a clear method of taking the information I plan to obtain and flip it into something I can use to address my question.


3 thoughts on “Quest for Positivism

  1. @etenhagen Looking back on the last 10 years of Cohort 21 action plans the word “WELLBEING” started to pop about four years ago. I have linked to a search result from the C21 blogs. A great jump-off to help you answer some of the questions you raise above.

    If you could post your HWM question here it will help @nblair @jgravel @emartin @hjepson @lmiller support you with your action plan.

    Great place to focus your energy and time.


  2. HWM question:
    How might we make each day more meaningful for students through programming in order to enrich students’ lives and generate positivism?

  3. Evelyn, a great HMW question. I really like that you are looking to get the home perspective. To me, this really speaks to educating the whole child! Melding what is happening at home and at school and coming up with a comprehensive approach to wellbeing is a fantastic goal!

    Your unmet need of finding a clear method of taking the information and turning it into action is something I can relate to! This has also been my major challenge with all action plans, but with continued conversation with colleagues and during the Cohort face-to-face sessions I always find little gems that turn can turn into actionable steps.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this on Saturday and hopefully, as a group, we can support you towards defining your next steps!

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