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I really dislike having to assign a 'grade' for primary children in their music classes.  This struggle with assessment was what led me to Cohort 21 in the first place.  My HMW question came from my thinking during the first and second face-2-face sessions.  I realized that my trouble with assessment was partly due to a lack of evidence, and that this was in my realm of control.  Also, in my initial research, I realized that my little students did not have much ownership over their improvement - they loved music classes but they weren't really thinking about their own growth.  By combining these troubles and realizations, I arrived at my HMW question and I'm really satisfied with it:

How might we create a motivating system of self-assessment and reflection for grade 3 musicians using portfolios and curated performance activities?

I was really motivated after the 2nd face-to-face and quickly set about getting my first planned experiment underway.  After talking with my group of colleagues, I decided that using Seesaw was the way to go.  In December, I undertook my first portfolio entry.  I recorded each of my 17 students individually doing their own solo.  Then, I posted it to Seesaw as an assignment where I was able to ask specific questions about their work in a few target areas we have focused on.


Students responded to me after they watched/listened to themselves.  These responses were mostly really insightful and thoughtful.



My next experiment was a self-assessment document, where students evaluated their work in the 4 main areas we discuss and work on in singing activities.

Then, I asked them to choose two things to focus on for the next solo, and write about  two specific goals.




That's where I am now - I am collecting the goals next week, and will post them on a bulletin board to make them obvious and keep them front-of-mind as they prepare for their next solo performance recording.  I'm excited to hear and read their own responses to their performances after my experiments!  More to come...