My best learning experience

September 14, 2019

This first post, ‘My Best Learning Experience’ stopped me in my tracks. Question one and I’m stuck! Is there anyone I haven’t learned from? Have I had an experience where I didn’t learn? What makes a learning experience the best? I’ve been learning all along the way. I have also been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing educators and have garnered so much from them, but I’ve also learned from challenging and difficult experiences. Some of those were best in that they have stuck with me and had a greater impact. My journey has been a roller coaster ride from working in a school that was philosophically at odds with my then idealistic perspective, to working in a for-profit school, and then starting and running a small school for 20 years, closing it and then moving into a grade one classroom at The Mabin School. The learning has NEVER slowed down. The challenges, excitement, stress and rewards that come with it all have also never leveled off but in all, I’ve met so many talented, passionate, and generous people – this 30 plus year journey has been my BEST learning experience. 

The next question, what is the one learning skill that I feel is most important in this day and age? My Grandmother always said that life is about balance. Carrots are good for you, but if that is all you eat, you turn orange. So learning to balance this increasingly complex and busy life is in my estimation, an essential learning skill. 







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  1. Cohort 21 Team said:

    So glad you joined Cohort 21! Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Garth Nichols said:

    Hi Carolyne,
    I’m looking foward to learning and working with you this year. Our first F2F approaches – let me know if you need anything to prepare – but in the meantime jump into this blog and let us know more about you!

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