Thanks to The York School for such an excellent venue for our 2nd F2F. It proved to be a perfect space for all of us to think deeply and collaborate effectively. In this session, we used Design Thinking to launch our action plan, starting with the question:

What problem/challenge/opportunity are you experiencing in your classroom?

We used Design Thinking protocols to help us dive deep into this provocative question and look at it from the perspective of us, as teachers, and then as students. We then handed our insights to a partner and they took an outside, objective view of our insights and asked us questions to push our thinking further.

The results of the day are already being reflected in blog posts from @mjolicoeur @adamcaplan @vhcivan. Read their posts to see how they are reflecting on what they thought they knew, what they thought they wanted to do, and on what they thought their students needed. Then check out @lmcbeth post on her total rethink. She also posts some excellent resources 🙂

We could describe the rest of the day, and how we used the hallways for our Design Thinking gallery walk, how we are almost single-handedly keeping Post-It Notes in business 🙂 and how we all showed our appreciation to the room – one of my favourite apprecations was

“Thank-you for showing me how great some people are at being a teacher”

“Thanks for making me want to be better”

“Wow, you inspire me…thank you.”

That room, on a cold, rainy Saturday in November, was lit up with inspiration, collaboration and appreciation. Thanks everyone! We look forward to Hanging Out, Twitter chatting it up, and supporting your blog posts!

3 thoughts on “F2F #2: Teacher as Designer

  1. Thanks so much to the York School for hosting and to all of the facilitators who planned such an amazing day. Coaches & fellow members: thanks for being an inspiration to reflect on my practice. I’m so excited to keep learning with you all and to stay connected through the toolkit.

  2. It certainly was another amazing F2F – I love how much Cohort 21 continues to grow and change. The implementation of the Design Thinking process and initiation of the Action Plans at the second F2F were such inspired ideas. I think we will see some very interesting Action Plans from everyone this year. Thanks to all the facilitators for the work you have put in so far.

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