Urgent vs Important – Reflections on the return to school

Urgent vs Important – Reflections on the return to school

Prior to our first day at Cohort 21, I had never really thought about the difference between urgent and important. This small exercise was eye-opening and helped me see what things are holding me back from furthering my practice and feeling accomplished in my day-to-day work. It often comes down to time; there is just never enough of it. Over the past few weeks, I have spent my evenings getting back to the work that didn’t get done during the day without ever getting to some of the exciting projects I had in mind in the beginning of the year. I think reflecting on TIME is what I needed to jump start my experience and learning goals in Cohort 21. I look forward to learning about the experience of others in the group and how they manage their urgents and importants. I joined Cohort 21 to connect with like-minded people and get inspired to develop dynamic learning goals.

The strands that interest me most at this time and that are most relevant are: 1. How might we engage, support, and assess 7-12 learners, and 2. How might we further develop our leadership and wellbeing strategies to support school culture and improvement. I am currently Director of Guidance and Counselling and teach middle school Visual Art. So these two areas best fit my current roles and learning goals this year. The questions I am considering circle around cross curricular learning in Art and differentiated instruction to enhance student engagement.

-What cross-subject projects can I incorporate this year with other teachers?

-How can I further infuse UN SDG’s into my projects this year?

-How can I get students to better reflect on their learning and think about next steps beyond the classroom?

-How can I provide an individualized experience to promote growth and development in art?

-How could I promote a growth mindset for students with varying achievement levels?

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  1. Hi Anne,
    It sounds like you have a lot of ideas percolating for an action plan this year. Our next face-to-face session will hopefully help you narrow your focus. I wonder which of your questions your students may feel is most urgent and important to them?
    See you soon,

  2. @aweldon Now that it’s been some time since the start of the year, I wonder if you’ve made time to get to those exciting projects? As one teacher said to me once, we need to ‘make’ time for things because we will never ‘find’ it. In considering what’s urgent and important, I’m curious to know how you’re ‘making’ time for those projects!

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