How might we…

…get out from under the pile of stuff we have to do to engage with and enjoy this process fully and completely. Maybe that should be a How Might I question. It’s frustrating because I want to, I really want to, but I’m just so absolutely swamped. But here’s the kicker – this whole process is part of the problem! It’s all causing me to rethink my pedagogy and realize that I’m not doing things in a way that aligns with my philosophy BUT I just don’t have the time or energy to change things right now. It’s frustrating! Regardless of my delinquency in blog posting, twittering, and the like, I have been thinking A TON about my HMW question and tried to run a test in one of my classes (but I fear it failed miserably). Though I suppose I will learn from it so of course, all is not lost.

Onto the good stuff. Here is my HMW question:

HMW shift away from numeric achievement/evaluation while satisfying ministry and post-secondary entrance requirements in a way that reduces student stress?

And here is what I’ve done to work towards finding a solution:

  • I bought the book Hacking Assessments: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades World – this came from a post from someone in Cohort but I can’t remember who for the life of me…I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and ended up buying this book. Just as soon as I’m done The Testaments (excellent book btw) it’s top of the ever-growing pile.
  • I spoke with admin and got the go ahead to do whatever I needed to test assumptions and try things out.
  • I posted my HMW question in my office window. I think I’m going to put some post its there with a sign telling students they can provide me with any thoughts or feedback they might have.
  • I used a one point rubric for a unit summative assignment with the intention of conferencing with students and co-creating their grade. This went horribly and didn’t serve the intended purpose in the least. I did it in a class with way too many students, it took forever, and basically ended up with me grading them anyways. A frustrating undertaking but I suppose we all have to start somewhere. Kids didn’t seem to notice or get frustrated so I guess there’s that.
  • There is something else but to be honest, I can’t remember what it is right now. #momlife #teacherlife #holyhannaimtired

So there you have it. That’s where I’m at. I’m questioning everything but doing nothing. Not because I don’t care – I do. A lot actually. I just have to get to a point where I’m not drowning to actually do anything about it.

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