Monthly Archives: October 2019


What a great first face to face session with #cohort21. The room was filled passionate teachers with one common goal; bettering the education world to help educate the youth of our future. I left the room filled with ideas and hope for a great school year ahead. But, with those ideas came the tough task ahead, which was what did I want my project to be?

For a while I struggled and I think the toughest part was coming up with the right questions to ask my students/colleagues. I knew I was going to try to interview at least 3 teachers and at least 3-5 students. I decided to start a brainstorming session one evening and wrote all the main ideas I was thinking of. I ended up having to finish my brainstorming session a bit early, but this was to be continued. Later in the week I ended up attending the Ontario Physical Literacy conference held at Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton. Listening to the keynote speaker it almost came to me like a “spark”. As he talked about physical literacy in our youth he discussed a book called “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey”. My brain started to think of all the possible ideas I could create out of this for my Cohort 21 project. I immediately went to the book store and bought a copy of the book. Although I am not a super quick reader I immediately started reading to come up with some ideas. A couple chapters in and I had another good base for a possible project.

I continued my brainstorming session and ended up adding in some of these ideas as possible projects. From there I was able to generate some big concepts and created questions surrounding these ideas. I have begun interviewing my students and colleagues and have been getting some interesting responses. As these responses and interviews continue my “wheels keep on turning”. I want the answers from my students to guide my project more so than the ideas I had going into this with.